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Student School-Based Activities

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Teacher Professional Learning

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MAWA now offers Zoom Meetings for all MAWA delivered PL.

A zoom meeting allows you to attend virtually.

“I found the PD fantastic and felt like I was there. You were very inclusive and still put me in a group and included my responses. The only let down probably would have been on my end not having access to a camera or mic (I didn’t even think of having it interactive I thought it just would have been a live video recording like the uni lectures I used to watch). I would definitely recommend people to do PD this way if they like me can’t always get to Perth and I will be looking at more PD MAWA offer and be signing up.”
– Samantha, Esperance WA

MAWA Schedule of PL Fees

MAWA Disclaimer and Cancellation Policy

MAWA Consultancy Services

MAWA provides a consultancy service where Professional Officers will work with your Mathematics department and/or individual teachers within your school or within your network clusters.

MAWA can assist your Mathematics teachers with:

  • Professional learning support
  • Whole school numeracy planning
  • Student data analysis
  • Quality Mathematics teaching strategies and classroom pedagogies
  • Classroom modelling and coaching
  • Supporting out-of-field teachers in delivering the Mathematics curriculum
  • Incorporating technology into Mathematics teaching and learning
  • Advice on WA Mathematics Curriculum and syllabus implementation
  • Assessment strategies: diagnostic, formative and summative
  • ATAR revision courses for students
  • Growth mindset in Mathematics
  • STEM approaches focusing on the M.

Details about MAWA consultancy fees for schools can be obtained by contacting the office and are negotiable based upon individual school needs. For more information, contact MAWA Executive Officer Paula McMahon (93450338 & eo@mawainc.org.au)