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Six are greater than the sum
MULTI™ a beautiful, strategic and innovative game for everyone.

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On your marks, get set, go - Maths!!

**Price includes a 12 month membership and a maths goodie bag** This two-day workshop will provide practical support and activities that can be used in maths lessons. Workshops will include how to use manipulatives to support deep understanding and maths games that promote fluency and engagement.


9:00am, January 19, 2023




A deep dive into multiplicative thinking

How important is multiplicative thinking? Children who do not think multiplicatively do not generally progress beyond middle primary mathematics.


9:00am, February 14, 2023


Member Price$210.00
Non-Member Price$295.00


The Power of a Positive Start: Problem Solving with Young Mathematic Learners

This new APSMO Inc professional learning course will showcase a range of strategies for teaching problem solving in mathematics. Designed for those teaching Kindergarten to Year 2, this course will address commonly held myths about mathematics and early learners, outline the reciprocal link between teacher enthusiasm and teaching quality, and promote problem solving for young learners as an effective strategy for mathematical engagement and success.


9:00am, February 27, 2023




About us

The Mathematical Association of Western Australia (MAWA) Inc.,

is a not-for-profit organisation whose goal is to improve mathematics education across the state.

Originating as a teacher professional association in 1958, MAWA has grown into a vibrant organisation that provides support for anyone with an interest in mathematics including teachers, parents and students.


Our Executive talks about MAWA on YouTube