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Classroom Corner - Nice activity, but where's the Maths?

Learn how to quickly and easily elevate routine activities in early childhood environments into learning experiences that facilitate quality maths talk and develop the underlying concepts of mathematical understanding.


4:00pm, June 6, 2024



Multiplicative Thinking in Action: A Whole School Approach

Multiplicative thinking is fundamental to the development of many key mathematical concepts, such as base ten place value, measurement, and proportional reasoning. Yet, it’s teaching is seldom approached in a systematic, methodical and integrated way that fosters deep understanding, mastery and flexibility. This full day course provides school leaders and teachers with evidence based Curriculum, Teaching and Assessment strategies and resources to support the development of multiplicative thinking from Kindergarten on.


8:45am, June 14, 2024


Member Price$250.00
Non-Member Price$343.00


AMC Preparation Workshop

This workshop is for children who have registered to complete the AMC with MAWA.


9:00am, July 12, 2024


AMC Preparation Workshop Fee(s)$15.00


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The Mathematical Association of Western Australia (MAWA) Inc.,

is a not-for-profit organisation whose goal is to improve mathematics education across the state.

Originating as a teacher professional association in 1958, MAWA has grown into a vibrant organisation that provides support for anyone with an interest in mathematics including teachers, parents and students.


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