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Advertising – Direct Mailing Campaigns

We offer direct mailing campaigns to our education database which includes both members and contacts (approximately 15,500) for $750 per campaign.

We also offer direct mailing campaigns to our parent/student database which includes both members and contacts (approximately 1500) for $500 per campaign.

All mailing campaigns include a complimentary post on our social media platforms.


Advertising – Social Media Campaigns

We offer social media campaigns across our social media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (with a combined following of almost 5000) for $300 per campaign.

This should include an image (or video) with some brief but catching content, remembering that you want to grab the viewers attention as they are scrolling through their news feed.


Advertorial – Sigma and Sigma for Families

Advertising through our quarterly e-newsletters provides an attractive opportunity for advertisers to reach clients and support MAWA. 

Sigma – sent to our education database (approx. 15,500) for $450 (inc GST)

Sigma for Families – sent to our parent/student database (approx. 1500) for $300 (inc GST)

Advertorial Specs

Image banner (approx. 820 x 238 pixels) within the newsletter with your feature article (200 words) below, detailing your offer exclusive to readers, along with a direct link to your website. 

When booking your spot, please email all requirements to manager@mawa.edu.au with your preferred e-newsletter and delivery.

The delivery dates for Sigma and Sigma for Families are as follows, along with the deadlines for materials to be received by the MAWA office.


E-Newsletter Delivery & Deadlines

Delivery Deadline
Term 1 Early February Late January
Term 2 Early May Late April
Term 3 Late July Mid July
Term 4 Mid October Early October