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2023 WA Annual Maths Conference


The Mathematical Association of Western Australia hosted the 2023 WA Annual Maths Conference at the Crown Convention Centre, Burswood from 15 – 17 November 2023.

The annual conference aimed to assist teachers from early childhood education, primary, secondary, and post-secondary with their professional knowledge, practice, and engagement in mathematics education. All three days were open to educators from K-12+ with Wednesday being aimed at Leaders’.

The theme was Maths – unlocking potential. Special effort is required by educators to help students unlock their potential.  We need to challenge the ways we may have always taught maths to ensure our students have the abilities and qualities to become a successful member of the global community. On Wednesday, the leader’s day, the focus was aimed at unlocking the potential of staff.

We were delighted that Professor Michael Milford was able to join us as with a thought-provoking Thursday keynote and Emeritus Professor Doug Clarke delivered a very engaging Friday keynote.

Professor Michael Milford


Professor Milford conducts interdisciplinary research at the boundary between robotics, neuroscience, computer vision and machine learning, and is a multi-award-winning educational entrepreneur. His research models the neural mechanisms in the brain underlying tasks like navigation and perception to develop new technologies in challenging application domains such as all-weather, anytime positioning for autonomous vehicles.

From 2022 – 2027 he is leading a large research team combining bio-inspired and computer science-based approaches to provide a ubiquitous alternative to GPS that does not rely on satellites. He is also one of Australia’s most in demand experts in technologies including self-driving cars, robotics, and artificial intelligence, and is a passionate science communicator.

He currently holds the position of Joint Director of the QUT Centre for Robotics, Australian Research Council Laureate Fellow, Professor at the Queensland University of Technology, and is a Microsoft Research Faculty Fellow and Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering.

Emeritus Professor Doug Clarke


Doug Clarke is an Emeritus Professor of Mathematics Education at the Australian Catholic University (Melbourne), where he directed the Mathematics Teaching and Learning Centre for 25 years.

Doug also directed the Early Numeracy Research Project, exploring effective approaches to numeracy learning in the early years in 70 Victorian primary schools from 1999-2002. A more recent project (Learning from Lessons) focused on the ways in which Years 5-8 teachers took what they learned from a given lesson in preparing for and teaching the following lesson.

Doug’s professional interests include rational number, problem solving and investigations, manageable and meaningful assessment, strategies for developing persistence on cognitively demanding tasks, and the professional growth of mathematics teachers.  Doug enjoys working alongside teachers and students, as they seek to make mathematics relevant, challenging, and enjoyable.

Ecstra Foundation are proud keynote sponsors of Michael Milford.

Top Ten Mathematics are proud keynote sponsors of Doug Clarke.