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The Maths Active School Program enables schools to demonstrate that they actively extend students and teachers beyond the normal mathematics classroom. We believe that such schools deserve recognition at a time when the school culture has become more competitive and parents are looking to “Myschool” and other metrics for comparing schools. The scheme is recognised by the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers and is already in operation in two other states.

Schools can apply to be recognised for one of three award “levels” – Bronze, Silver and Gold. The awards are based on criteria which MAWA has published and distributed to all Western Australian schools. The application process is free of charge – all a school needs to do is send in evidence that they have met the criteria during the previous school year. MAWA will issue a certificate to the school and provide an official copy of the current year’s Maths Active Logo which the school can display on its website. MAWA will also advertise on our own website that the school is a Maths Active School.

Examples of activities which would contribute to a school’s standing include:

  • Participation in student activities and competitions.
  • Attending and/or presenting at conferences or conventions.
  • Anything which shows initiative – for example, hosting and running a regional maths event or helping to judge or mentor at activity events.
  • Writing articles about mathematics or mathematics education in academic journals or magazines.
  • Individual memberships of MAWA for teachers at the school.

Maths Active Schools Application

Your completed application form with supporting portfolio can be emailed to office@mawainc.org.au.



Gold MAS Banner SILVER MAS BANNER Bronze MAS Banner (2)

Santa Maria College

St Norbert College


Churchlands Senior High School



Harrisdale Senior High School

Bob Hawke College

Koondoola Primary School




Gold MAS Banner SILVER MAS BANNER Bronze MAS Banner (2)

Ellenbrook Secondary College

Iona Presentation College


St Stephen’s School






Gold MAS Banner SILVER MAS BANNER Bronze MAS Banner (2)

Ellenbrook Secondary College


St Norbert College

Carine Senior High School

Duncraig Senior High School

Como Secondary College

Christ Church Grammar School

Ashdale Primary School

Fremantle College