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2022 National Winners from WA

Year 4 – Individual – North Harrisdale Primary School – Electric Cars vs Petrol Cars

Year 10 – Group – Willetton Senior High School – Reach for the Mars!

Year 12 – Individual – Willetton Senior High School – An analytical method for determining equations of rotated parabolas


NMTQ 2022 Presentation Video Link –  https://vimeo.com/761337561





Math Talent Quest - K to 12

Are you looking for a challenge for your ‘successful’ mathematics students?

Are you wanting to capture the imagination of the ‘creative’ students within your  classroom?

Are you looking for a classroom experience that equips students with various problem solving strategies and enables them to discover the practical applications of mathematics?

The 2022 Math Talent Quest may be the ideal challenge for your students.

What is the Maths Talent Quest?

Maths Talent Quest (MTQ) aims to promote an interest in using mathematics and fostering positive attitudes among students, teachers, and parents. The focus of MTQ is to encourage students to think creatively and critical about mathematics. Projects can include investigating, real life applications of mathematics, exploring and interpreting statistics, or working out the logic behind mathematical principles. MTQ is the only competition that caters for projects from Kindy to Year 12 students whilst allowing individual, small group, and class entries.

All MTQ entrants to the state competition will receive a certificate. State High Distinction and Distinction winners and prize winners will be acknowledged at the MTQ Awards Ceremony held in October. One entry from each year group category is eligible for judging at the National Maths Talent Quest held by the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (AAMT). MAWA reserves the right to decide that an entry has met the criteria for NMTQ entry, and the announcement of the MAWA NMTQ entries will be announced at the state award ceremony.

We look forward to working with our state affiliates and AAMT to showcase the expertise of our WA Mathematics Education community.

Find Out More!

2020 National winners Ellenbrook Secondary College and Ashdale Primary School

join us at the office to tell you all about why Maths Talent Quest can add value

to your student’s mathematical investigation skills, teacher’s professional

development, and whole school engagement.


Meet Donna

Student led investigations

Who can enter the MTQ?

All students from Foundation to Year 12 can enter the Maths Talent Quest. The Maths Talent Quest is categorised into year levels from foundation to year 9 and a combined year’s 10-12 level. Children in early year’s settings are also welcome to enter the MTQ, these entries will be entered at a Foundation level.

Entries can be received from:

  • Individuals
  • Groups of no more than 6 students or;
  • Classes (Primary Only) of no more than 32 students.

Why enter the MTQ?

  • Promote Mathematics
  • Authentic STEM tasks
  • Capture Imaginations
  • Explore New Concepts
  • Foster Positive Attitudes
  • Receive Recognition
  • General Capabilities
  • Have FUN!

What do I need to do?


See the information & links section to find out:

  • what kinds of projects to do
  • tips on how to get started
  • how to keep records
  • what criteria you’ll be judged on


  1. Register your school and nominate your school’s MTQ coordinator
  2. Run the MTQ challenge at your school and select the projects you wish to enter.
  3. Complete the online registration form for State level judging by the due date and finalise payment.
  4. Nominate your judge(s) and fill out their details and availability (2 hours)
  5. The MAWA office will provide registered schools with a Dropbox link to upload their project/s by the due date.

Important Information

Pricing Structure

  • Check here regularly for updates.
  • Only digital entries will be accepted.
  • Register via the MAWA website during the open period.
  • You are required to complete your school judging and select entries to send to the state judging BEFORE you finalise your registration on the MAWA website.
  • Schools can enter a maximum of eight entries per year level.
  • It is compulsory for each school to judge six entries. Where schools have more than five entries additional entries must be judged. A further six entries must be judged for every five or part there of extra entries. E.g. 12 entries from a school would require the school to judge a minimum of 18 projects.
  • All participating students will receive a certificate.
  • 1 entry per year level

    MAWA Members: $30
    Non-Members: $40

  • Each additional entry per year level thereafter

    MAWA Members: $30
    Non-Members: $40

    e.g. for 5 entries per year level:

    MAWA Members: $150
    Non-Members: $200

    Please check our Cancellation Policy Here


How do I enter?

Download the MTQ Handbook and read the documents carefully

Register your school and MTQ contact when registration opens

Upload each entry details online before registration closes

Finalise payment before registration closes

Can my entries be edited once submitted?

Entries may be edited before payment details have been submitted. Once an entry has been registered and paid for, no changes can be made. Any problems, please contact MAWA office.

Can student’s names be provided at a later date?

Permitting the entry has not already been paid for, yes student names can be submitted at a later date. Student names and project titles must be submitted with the entry registration and payment.

What is the maximum number of entries a school can register?

A maximum of 8 entries, per year level will be accepted for state judging.

One of my students has dropped out after registering their entry. Can I get a refund?

Participants who withdraw their entries should consult our cancellation policy to determine eligibility for a refund.

Does every entry have to include a separate diary or learning log?

It has been decided that the diary/learning log is no longer a compulsory component of the MTQ. We do highly recommend however that students provide reflections and evidence that the work completed is their own.

My project was not selected for entry into the State Competition by my school. Can this same project be entered by another school or parents?

No. The school’s decision must be respected. Parents and students are welcome to ask their school for feedback and to discuss ways to improve for future years. The school is responsible for selecting the entries to be entered into the State Competition.

What happens if I have a composite grade?

If you have a composite grade, you have two options:

  • Register the entry under the higher year level
  • Split the year levels and enter two separate entries

How many students can be involved in an entry?

  • Individual – One student
  • Group – No more than 6 students
  • Class – No more than 32 students

What happens if my class consists of more than 32 students?

Contact the MAWA,  we can discuss options for you.

Why do schools have to supply judges?

Each MTQ entry received needs to be judged a minimum of two times.  By every school providing a teacher for a minimum of two hours (to judge six entries), we can ensure that each entry is judged efficiently and fairly. Judging is a great professional development idea for all involved.

I have registered as a judge, what happens now?

You will be sent a confirmation email closer to the judging date with further information about what is required.

My school has only one entry. Do we still have to provide a Judge?

It is compulsory for each school to judge six entries, which would take approximately two hours.

I am entering 15 entries. How many judges does our school need to provide?

Where schools have more than five (5) entries, an additional six entries must be judged for every five or part there of extra entries. For example: Schools with 15 entries would need to judge 18 entries. In this situation we encourage schools to register more than one judge.

My project includes a model/food item. Will it still be accepted?

Models will not be accepted for the state judging due to the risk of damage and the high cost of postage if selected for national entry. MAWA does accept that using a prototype or model forms an essential part of a mathematical investigation and we encourage students to take photographs of any models that may have been developed within the MTQ. Under no circumstances will entries with food items be accepted.

When will I receive my MTQ information package?

Information can be downloaded from the MAWA website. All registered schools will be emailed their MTQ pack after registration closes. These packs will contain information on judging, nationals and the awards ceremony.

What prizes do the winning entries receive?

State level prizes are awarded to individual, group and class entries in the following categories:

  • High Distinction and Distinction: Cash prize and  Certificate
  • Credit and Encouragement: Certificate