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Results for MTQ & National MTQ 2017 are in!

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What is the Maths Talent Quest?

The focus of the Maths Talent Quest is on the process of mathematical investigations. Open to all primary and secondary students, the Maths Talent Quest aims to promote interest in mathematics and foster positive attitudes amongst students, teachers and parents.

Looking at real life situations and finding that mathematics is everywhere helps capture the imagination of both teachers and students alike. The Maths Talent Quest allows students to investigate mathematics on an individual, group or class basis with the opportunity to have fun exploring mathematics in real life situations. Assessment through a rubric helps to evaluate students’ progression through the process strands.

All MTQ entrants will receive a certificate. Gift vouchers will be awarded to both High Distinction and Distinction winners for each year level at the MTQ Awards Ceremony. The entries that receive a High Distinction at state level are judged separately, one entry from this group forwarded for judging at the National Maths Talent Quest. National Award Winners will also be presented with their prizes at the State MTQ Awards Ceremony.

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Some important information about MTQ:

  • Check the MAWA website regularly for updates.image00511image00611
  • Registration will open on Wednesday 26th April and will be available on the MAWA website.
  • You are required to complete your school judging and select entries to send to the state judging BEFORE you finalise your registration on the MAWA website.
  • Schools can enter a maximum of eight entries per year level.
  • It is compulsory for each metropolitan school to provide a minimum of two hours judging. Where schools have more than five entries, an extra two hours of judging should be provided for every five extra entries. Regional schools are also encouraged to participate in judging.
  • All participating students will receive a certificate.
  • Winning students will receive a certificate and book voucher – no cash prizes will be given
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How do I enter the 2017 Maths Talent Quest?
Can my entries be edited once submitted?
Can student’s names be provided at a later date?
One of my students has dropped out after registering their entry. Can I get a refund?
What is the maximum number of entries a school can register?
Does every entry have to include a separate diary or learning log?
My project was not selected for entry into the State Competition by my school. Can this same project be entered by another school?
What happens if I have a composite grade?
How many students can be involved in an entry?
What happens if my class consists of more than 32 students?
Why do schools have to supply judges?
I have registered as a judge, what happens now?
My school has only one entry. Do we still have to provide a Judge?
I am entering 15 entries. How many judges does our school need to provide?
My project includes a model. Will it still be accepted?
One of my student’s projects is internet/website based, is this OK?
When will I receive my MTQ information package?
What are the delivery and collection dates?
What prizes do the winning entries receive?