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The Mathematical Association of Western Australia (MAWA) is a not-for-profit organisation whose goal is to improve mathematics education across the state. Originating as a teacher professional association in 1958, MAWA has grown into a vibrant organisation that provides support for anyone with an interest in mathematics including teachers, parents and students. 

MAWA receives no government funding and so relies on the support of its members and revenue it generates from professional learning, student activities and the sale of publications. We extend a warm welcome to any individuals, families or schools who might be considering the benefits of taking out a MAWA membership (which include discounts on professional learning, competition entry and some of our publications). 

The Association is governed by a Board of unpaid directors, as well as paid staff comprising an executive officer, corporate manager, and a small office team. The MAWA Board consists of a dedicated group of poeple from a variety of education and industry backgrounds. If you are interested in joining the MAWA Board, or assisting with one of MAWA’s many events, please contact our friendly office staff.

MAWA supports teachers, families, students and schools by conducting a wide range of student, family and teacher activities; and by providing access to an extensive professional library of printed/online materials and journals on mathematics teaching, learning and assessment. MAWA contracts a variety of experienced educators to facilitate professional learning opportunities for teachers, including on-site professional learning, mentoring, regional Maths Meets, and an annual conference that attracts 1000 delegates. For families, MAWA offers an annual Mathematics Expo, school holiday workshops and online upper-school course information. We also facilitate an extensive range of student activities, including: Have Sum Fun (Face to Face, Online and Live), the Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC), the WA Maths Summer School, the National Mathematics Summer School, the Maths Talent Quest and the WA Mathematics Problem Solving Program.

The MAWA team has some exciting plans for the future. We are always exploring new ways we can expand our offerings to teachers, parents and students across WA. If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly office staff and/or sign up for Sigma, MAWA’s quarterly online newsletter.

Dr John West

MAWA President