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Here in WA, products and services are difficult to source in our regional areas due to our state’s size. In an effort to ensure that MAWA’s products and services can be of value state-wide, we are always on the look out for Regional Ambassadors.

The role of a regional ambassador is an important one. Here are some of the ways regional ambassadors support MAWA within their regions:

  • Advocate for MAWA by promoting MAWA & AAMT, including MAWA membership, activities, and professional learning within the region;
  • Run a Have Sum Fun competition within the region, enlisting the support from surrounding schools;
  • Identify professional learning gaps and requirements within the region and gather interest for MAWA professional learning to be delivered; and
  • Promote and advertise MAWA’s parent and student opportunities within the region.

There are a number of benefits in being an ambassador, so if you are interested in making a difference please submit your interest to [email protected].

For more information, please click here.

Board 9

ROBERT BERWICK – Great Southern Region


Albany Senior High School

Contact: [email protected]

Robert has over 20 years of teaching experience having taught the majority of these in the Great Southern region where currently he is the Head of Department at Albany SHS. Rob’s aim is to create classrooms where mathematics is made sense of and errors are valued. He believes that all students can learn, and that mastery is possible with the appropriate effort and time. Rob enjoys using low-floor/high-ceiling task with students and is constantly amazed where students go mathematically with these tasks. Being the MAWA Regional Ambassador for the Great Southern region provides Rob with a great opportunity to connect with the wonderful maths teachers in the area. He would like to foster greater collegiality between the mathematics teachers in the district who have a wealth of experience and expertise and to assist in providing opportunities for students to have positive experiences in mathematics through the support of MAWA.

Photo For MAWA

JENNIFER GEORGE – North Metro Region


St James’ Anglican School

Contact: [email protected]

Jennifer has been teaching for 20 years. The first half being spent at some of the top private schools in London and the second half being in Perth, after moving here with her family in 2011. Jennifer is currently the Head of Mathematics at St James’ AS. She has really been enjoying being involved in a very young school and helping shape the department. Jennifer’s aim for each student is to instil a growth mindset. Everyone needs Maths and Jennifer wants all of her students to understand they are all capable of achieving. Jennifer has a passion for developing life long problem solvers. She understands that many of the students in our classrooms today a likely to head into careers that are yet to be imagined. Jennifer is keen to build a greater collegiality amongst the teachers in the area. She believes we are each others greatest resource and we should use this to help make our teaching even more successful. She is also keen to get more interschool activities organised to encourage realistic and relevant mathematical thinking amongst all our students.

Rebecca Miller



Baldivis Secondary College

Contact: [email protected]

Belinda has been teaching Maths in Western Australia for 12 years at a few different schools, and is currently the Curriculum Team Leader Mathematics at Baldivis Secondary College as well has a Teacher for MAWA’s Western Australian Maths Problem Solving Program (WAMPSP) teaching the Newton class in the Peel region. It has taken her many years to build her toolkit of Maths and Numeracy teaching resources and she wishes it hadn’t take her so long. Belinda strongly believe that by engaging yourself in MAWA activities and events, it will help you to gather your tools much faster than she did. MAWA runs great programs for students and fantastic professional learning for you. MAWA wants to hear from you so we can tailor professional learning to what you want and need. Belinda would love for MAWA to be able to harness your knowledge to support others in the Peel region, along with providing your students fun maths competitions and fabulous learning opportunities. Belinda wants you to feel passionate and confident in creating maths engagement that will spark curiosity in our youngsters that will lead them to greatness… and more than anything she’d like to help you on your journey.


NGAIRE SATRE – Pilbara Region

BRANDON DOCKING – Pilbara Region


Tambrey Primary School

Contact Ngaire Satre : [email protected]

Contact Brandon Docking : [email protected]

Ngaire and Brandon have a combined teaching experience of 32 years in the Primary School setting. They are passionate mathematics and are excited to be Regional Ambassadors for the Pilbara region. Brandon is the Mathematics Curriculum Coach at Tambrey Primary School and current leader of the Karratha Mathematics Network. Ngaire specialises in extending primary school mathematics students through Tambrey Primary School’s Learning Enrichment and Achievement Program. She was previously coordinating and teaching PEAC and has been involved in numerous MAWA programs such as Have Sum Fun and WAMPSP. They are both looking forward to further advocating mathematics in the Pilbara region while utilising the skills that MAWA have to offer. 

Ashleigh Webb

ASHLEIGH WEBB – South West Region


Cape Naturaliste College

Contact : [email protected]

Ashleigh has been teaching in rural Western Australia for the last six years, the past four being in the South West region at Cape Naturaliste College. Ashleigh is passionate about cultivating a love of mathematics in high school students as well as inspiring young people to enjoy the beauty of problem solving. Ashleigh is a big advocator for growing mathematics teaching networks in rural communities and hopes to inspire more rural students to consider tertiary education within the mathematics disciplines. Ashleigh is keen to improve collegiality between mathematics teachers within the region, as well as foster greater inter-school engagement within the mathematics networks of the South West.

Beth Thompson

BETH THOMPSON – South West Region



Contact : [email protected]

Beth has been teaching for seven years, six of these throughout the South-west region. She developed a passion for education when volunteering at an orphanage in Cambodia, and has worked in a village school in the Amazon. Beth draws on these experiences to help develop a value for mathematics in her students, as she has seen what life can be like without high-quality education and access to resources. She is secretary of the South West Mathematical Association and is involved with the organization of high-quality professional development for qualified and pre-service teachers in the area. Beth is an advocate for an inclusive education system that bridges the gap between primary and secondary mathematics education in the South West through the sharing of collegial knowledge and the distribution of MAWA resources and professional learning.