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The speech that stuck in my head the most was from Cristy, from the Royal Australian Navy. It gave me a sense to step outside my comfort zone and try something new. It reminded me to persevere through and that some memories and experiences you just can’t buy. Quote of the day … ‘Be Brave, not Perfect’. ~ Year 9 Student

Encouragingly, 79% of young people see mathematics as important for getting a job. However, the serious concern is that the participation rates of Australian girls in higher level maths is presently at a very low level.

Do you wish that more girls would choose higher level maths and develop the skills to understand how maths and mathematical thinking impacts their careers and everyday life?

This day aims to empower Year 9 girls to recognise and take up the amazing opportunities that studying higher level maths can present for them.

This special event offers an exciting program of inspirational speakers and hands-on maths activities; as well as the opportunity to ‘speed-date’ a range of professionals to learn how maths has empowered their own careers.


This event created an inspirational spark for many students and reinforced the message provided at school where student need to aim for their personal best. ~ Teacher

29 June 2021
9:15am – 2:15pm
Curtin University, Bentley
Cost (per student): $20 members & $35 non-members
(includes showbag, shirt and catering)

Limited to ten Year 9 girl students
and one teacher per school

*This event is a special measure that has been taken in accordance with the Equal Opportunity Act 1984 (WA).