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Proudly sponsored by the Naval Shipbuilding College



2022 Competition Dates

19 September
Years 5-6 (9:00am-11:30am)

5 December
Years 7-8 (9:00am-11:30am) Register for the Year 7-8 Competition
Years 9-10 (9:00am-11:30am) Register for the Year 9-10 Competition

Team Registration Fees

Members – $25 per team
Non-members – $40 per team


The Naval Shipbuilding College’s Have Sum Fun LIVE is an exciting mathematics initiative that uses a quiz-night format. Teams of six students race against the clock to solve four intense rounds of eight challenging problems. The competition is offered to regional and remote schools only and is broadcasted live via Zoom.

There is a school trophy for the winning team, individual trophies for the winning team members, and prizes for members of the three runner-up teams with place-getter certificates for all these six team members. All other students receive participation certificates.

HSF LIVE Directions

  • Schools must be regional or remote (as classified on My Schools website)
  • Schools who enter HSF F2F are not eligible to enter HSF Live
  • Teams must be a maximum of three (3) students at the higher year level

Where can we take part in the Naval Shipbuilding College’s Have Sum Fun LIVE?
If there are clusters schools you coordinate with, schools can have a multi-school venue, much like the larger metropolitan competitions, otherwise, each school can host teams in the comfort of their own classrooms.

What do we need?
All your classroom/hall will need is a webcam/camera set via the Zoom call to provide a live stream of your participants for the competition. MAWA will send all question papers and competition materials to the teacher coordinator.

How will it work?
MAWA will run the timings of the rounds, share the answers for year competition and each round on the stream.
All you will need to do is send a photo of each team’s question papers at the end of each round, for MAWA to mark and enter into a live scoreboard to display after each round.

In the long term, a regular establishment of cluster schools will enable us to run a full face-to-face edition of HSF, but with the opportunity for live stream to all venues, we hope HSF LIVE to be the future for all competitions, so students can be part of a truly state-wide event.

Maths – the pathway to interesting careers

Did you know … the next generation of ships and submarines are being built and maintained across Australia to provide the Royal Australian Navy with the vital technology and capability needed to protect our nation!

Australia’s Naval Shipbuilding Industry requires thousands of people, for decades to come, to work in a wide range of roles including engineering, trades, project management and corporate positions.

Modern shipbuilding is highly dynamic, challenging and rewarding – working with some of the most sophisticated technology and high-tech programs in the world.

By diving into maths you are already on the pathway to an exciting career in naval shipbuilding. Congratulations!


Learn more about naval shipbuilding with this short video

2022 Live Competition Results

Year 5/6

1st – South Kal Mathemagicians ( South Kalgoorlie Primary School)

2nd  – Big Brains (Maitland Christian School)

3rd – Kendenup (Kendenup Primary School)

4th – Midwest Maths Kids (Geraldton Combined Schools)



Year 7/8 (Competition still to run)

1st –

2nd  –

3rd –

4th –



Year 9/10 (Competition still to run)

1st –

2nd  –

3rd –

4th –


2021 Live Competition Results

Year 5/6

1st – Mud Crabs (Tambrey Primary School)

2nd  – All Stars (Tambrey Primary School)

3rd – Maths Monkeys (Bunbury Baptist College)



Year 7/8

1st – Pythagoras People (North Albany Senior High)

2nd  – Hilberts Problems (North Albany Senior High)

3rd – Team (North Albany Senior High) and Fred (Team 2) (Mount Barker Community College)



Year 9/10

1st – The Master Piece (North Albany Senior High)

2nd  – Magic Mathemagicians (Mount Barker Community College)

3rd – So Obtuse (North Albany Senior High School)