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January 2022


MAWA’s priority is the safety and well-being of its employees, volunteers, guests, and the community.

COVID continues to receive significant media attention as the number of variants and confirmed cases increases in Australia and worldwide.

MAWA has implemented precautionary measures to provide employees, volunteers and guests with an environment that is safe, secure and one that continues to provide a positive experience during this time.


MAWA’s Executive Officer is managing MAWA’s response plans aimed at preventing, controlling, and managing associated risks which may include limiting capacity restrictions, social distancing and wearing of masks for all office meetings, workshops and small events.

Expert advisory organisations are being monitored for all updates and advice, including the World Health Organization (WHO), Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), the Commonwealth Department of Health, and the WA State Government and Department of Health, as to what actions to apply.

Hygiene practices are being reinforced, including the provision and accessibility of alcohol‐based hand sanitisers within the office and at events that we are hosting.

First aid trained staff are onsite at the MAWA office and at any MAWA event attended by our office staff.

Cleaning regimes have been strengthened, including increased cleaning frequencies and additional sanitisation of bathrooms, kitchens, office equipment and furniture.

Notwithstanding these initiatives, MAWA expects and requires our employees and guests to apply good hygiene practices, to seek immediate medical attention should COVID symptoms develop and to advise MAWA of any potential risk factors that may pose a health and safety risk to others whilst at the office.

MAWA continues to monitor COVID information and expert advice and will apply all updated recommendations to our response strategy, policies, and procedures as well as our provision of services, as required.

As a community we need to be calm but cautious and take precautions. We ask that everyone take particular care during this time.