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OCS: Improving the Mathematics Performance of Australia’s Students
Best of MathMag
Children’s Literature that Incorporates a Mathematics Theme

General Articles:

PM’s Prizes for Science: ABC Article on the Prizes and Cheryl Praeger

PM’s Prizes for Science: Women’s Agenda Article


Great articles on the Back to Front Maths website

Classroom practice:

Misconceptions – how to find and fix them (with videos)

Engagement vs Entertainment

What works and what doesn’t in intervention – research summary

Do you have decision fatigue? This might help

Is there really an ideal maths lesson?

“But you must… But you can’t…” Simple ways of adding complexity to challenging tasks

27 homework tasks that help make maths part of everyday life

What to do when kids already know everything – serious maths extension

10 maths hacks all teachers should know

Why being wrong in maths is better than being right

The time crunch: buying yourself an extra hour every week

Supply teacher maths – instant lessons that develop mathematical thinking

Improving student reasoning

Mathsbusters: experimenting to bust misconceptions

Awesomely cool maths ideas for parents

Connecting and generalising questions – videos

Testing and data analysis for leaders, including information on interpreting PAT and NAPLAN


Content teaching tips

Teaching division with blocks and arrays

Why kids don’t get fractions

Simple ideas for developing multiplicative thinking

15 Partitioning games that kids (and teachers) love

How to teach addition and subtraction – free strategy flip book

Why I don’t teach two-digit numbers before teen numbers

Introducing two-digit numbers

The missing link from Place Value: Relative Size

Critical number concepts: The first three years of school

Simple ideas for teaching volume and capacity

Timely thoughts on analogue time

25% of primary teachers have not developed multiplicative thinking – check your staff