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2023 Applications for new students are now open.

Applications are due 4pm Friday 16 September.

See below in the “How to earn your place in WAMPSP” section for application questions



For information about the 2022 WAMPSP classes including times and fees, please click here


The Western Australian Mathematics Problem Solving Program has been in operation since it was developed in 1992 by Dr Nathan Hoffman.

Click here for Dr Hoffman’s WAMPSP rationale

The program provides mathematics problem-solving classes for able mathematics students aged 10 to 15, though highly able students of a younger age can apply. Each year over 300 students are enrolled in the program.

WAMPSP challenges students to:

  • Develop mathematical problem-solving skills
  • Develop skills in the logical and effective presentation of solutions
  • Enrich students’ knowledge of mathematics

WAMPSP is designed for children who have a passion and enthusiasm for mathematics, and a determination to persist with challenge.

Each WAMPSP class has a Challenge Stage in the first semester and an Enrichment Stage in the remaining semester that runs in partenership with Maths for Young Australians by the Australian Maths Trust

For 2023, the WAMPSP program will operate some classes face-to-face at UWA, Duncraig Senior High School and Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School.

The majority of WAMPSP classes will be live online via Zoom.

In 2023, classes will be offered at seven levels within the program:

  • Praeger: For Year 4 students – fortnightly
  • Newton: For Year 5 students – weekly
  • Dirichlet: For Year 6 students – weekly
  • Euler: For Year 7 or Year 8 students – weekly
  • Gauss: For Year 8 or Year 9 students – weekly
  • Noether: For Year 9 or Year 10 students – weekly
  • Polya: For Year 10 students – weekly

Classes run during school term time. No classes are held during school holidays.

Our course is run on wampsp.com.au (a Moodle platform) as a means of communication between staff and students and their parents:

The WAMPSP teachers upload their lesson materials, learning resources, set class assignments and inform parents and students in their specific class.

All students and parents will have access to Moodle (wampsp.com.au)


WAMPSP new applications for 2023 can be downloaded below, instructions on how to complete and return are included in the document.
Cutoff for Applications to be return is 4pm Friday 16 September.

2023 Application Questions for Primary Students (Year 4 – Year 6)

2023 Application Questions for Secondary Students (Year 7 – Year 10)


WAMPSP re-enrolments for 2023 (2022 students) will open in September 2022.

Re-enrolments are accepted provided a student’s performance throughout their time in the program has met a sufficient standard.

At the time of re-enrolment you will need to pay your fees for 2023 to ensure a place in the program.


Students who perform at an exceptionally high level in the 2022 Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) may be offered a place in the 2023 year’s program.

If you have received your child’s AMC Certificate please follow this link to upload the certificate and an application will be emailed to you. Upload AMC Certificate


Details of the 2023 Information Evening are coming soon.

Details of the WAMPSP’s December presentation evening will appear here closer to the time.

Adrian (2005 Beazley Medal winner) Scotch College:

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the exceptional teaching I received in your Mathematics Problem Solving Programme. I found it to be an enriching and intellectually stimulating experience which helped me to achieve academic success and develop lifelong skills . . .

. . . your programme is highly beneficial, advancing students beyond the school curriculum while enabling us to approach challenges, mathematical or otherwise, with confidence. Just as importantly, it cultivates an appreciation of the intricacies of mathematics and hones the faculty of logical thought. (June 2014)


Jasmine (WAMPSP student 2008 – 2012)

This course taught me resilience and to not give up. It showed me how to approach the unknown, how to deal with not understanding a concept, and this grit is something that I just don’t think I would’ve learnt without the extension that Dr Hoffman’s class offered. Looking back at these classes, I see that they had a massive impact on my life. I was able to realise my strengths in the STEM areas, and trusted in my abilities to take on more challenging topics in high school and beyond. (July 2019)


The image below celebrates an alumni of WAMPSP:

Contact Us

For general inquiries about the program please email: wampsp@mawa.edu.au

Mailing address:
Mathematical Association of WA
12 Cobbler Pl
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