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Developing expertise for teaching Mathematics | Multiplicative thinking (MT)

Chris Hurst & Derek Hurrell
  • Workshop
  • February 18, 2021, 1AM  - February 19, 2021, 7AM
  • Registration Fee $ 990.00 (includes GST of $ 90.00) per person
    • 12 Cobbler Place Mirrabooka, WA 6061 Australia
  • This unique professional learning opportunity uses one of the best models for altering the pedagogy of teachers, spaced learning, while addressing one of the big ideas of mathematics.


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This YEAR LONG spaced professional learning project is based on current research into primary school children’s Multiplicative Thinking (MT). What we learned from this research was that children understand some aspects of MT, but very few show an understanding of how different aspects are connected. So, we have developed assessment instruments which are ready for teachers to use, and, to support the follow-up teaching, some 200 teaching and learning tasks. This comprehensive set of materials is made with the intention of developing a rich conceptual grasp of this vital mathematical understanding. This professional learning includes seven days of workshops and eight virtual sharing sessions.


  • 12 Cobbler Place Mirrabooka, WA 6061 Australia