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Check out our Virtual Conference Keynote – Tom Crawford


We are looking forward to Tom’s live presentation from the UK at our Virtual Maths Conference on Monday 28 March 2022.

Here is a video to wet your appetite! A Problem with Rectangles – Numberphile


Joining Tom for our virtual conference is this all-star Australian line up of mathematics greats!

From Victoria will be Michael Minas, Matt Sexton, Andrew Lorimer-Derham, Thomas Moore, Cassandra Lowry and Jen Bowden.

From Queensland will be Tierney Kennedy.

From New South Wales will be Fiona Foley.

From ACT will be Kristen Tripet.

From WA we have Dion Alfonsi, Rachel Theunissen, Paul Swan, Shyam Drury, Donna Buckley, and Sheila Griffin.