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Calling expressions of interest in year-long PL opportunity

Developing expertise for teaching Mathematics: Multiplicative thinking (MT)

An intervention project designed to assess and improve outcomes in Multiplicative Thinking (MT) for Primary and Middle School students

Did you know that:

    • Children who do not develop the ability to think multiplicatively find it difficult to move beyond primary school mathematics?
    • 73% of curriculum content descriptors (CCDs) in the Number and Algebra strand of the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics (AC:M)
      are highly supportive of at least one aspect of multiplicative thinking and/or strongly underpin it?
    • The term Multiplicative Thinking is explicitly mentioned zero times in the AC:M?

This professional learning project is based on current research into primary school children’s
Multiplicative Thinking (MT). What we learned from this research was that children understand
some aspects of MT, but very few show an understanding of how different aspects are connected.
So, we have developed assessment instruments which are ready for teachers to use, and, to
support the follow-up teaching, some 200 teaching and learning tasks. This comprehensive set of
materials is made with the intention of developing a rich conceptual grasp of this vital
mathematical understanding.

Target audience:

            • Year 3 – 6 primary school teachers
            • Lower secondary mathematics teachers
            • Foundation Mathematics teachers
            • Mathematics intervention teacher

Cost: $1450 per person
(MAWA will subsidise the first 20 teachers at $990 per teacher.)

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