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2021 Have Sum Fun Live results!

2021 Live Competition Results
Year 5/6 Year 7/8 Year 9/10
1st – Mud Crabs (Tambrey Primary School) 1st – Pythagoras People (North Albany Senior High) 1st – The Master Piece (North Albany Senior High)
2nd  – All Stars (Tambrey Primary School) 2nd  – Hilberts Problems (North Albany Senior High) 2nd  – Magic Mathemagicians (Mount Barker Community College)
3rd – Maths Monkeys (Bunbury Baptist College) 3rd(equal) – Team (North Albany Senior High) 3rd – So Obtuse (North Albany Senior High School)
3rd(equal) – Fred (Team 2) (Mount Barker Community College)

The future of Have Sum Fun LIVE
We are invested in HSF LIVE growing to include all regions in WA. Initially, setting dates for HSF LIVE will mean the regional events are stand-alone competitions from the Metropolitan edition, but over the coming years, hopefully even by 2023, the coordination of all participating schools will enable us to run them within a close enough window to combine the competitions.

2022 Competition Dates
19 September – Years 5-6 (9:00am-11:30am)
5 December – Years 7-8 & Years 9-10 (9:00am-11:30am)

In the long term, a regular establishment of cluster schools will enable us to run a full face-to-face edition of HSF, but with the opportunity for live stream to all venues, we hope HSF LIVE to be the future for all competitions, so students can be part of a truly state-wide event.