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The Challenge and Enrichment Stages of the Program

At each level there is a Challenge Stage in the first part of the year and an Enrichment Stage for the remaining part of the year.

For the Challenge Stage the students are given a set of six challenging mathematics problems.  The students have four weeks in which to solve the problems (on their own) and to prepare the solutions. Students can work with a partner also participating in the Junior and Intermediate Challenge Stages.

In the Enrichment Stage the students study a number of topics in mathematics.  For each topic a specific problem is set for the students to solve.  As with the Challenge Stage, they do this without outside help and hand in their solutions.

Students are expected to maintain confidentiality on the Challenge and Enrichment problems, and their solutions

Recognition of Achievement

There are two Presentation Functions during the year, one in August to recognise achievement in the Challenge Stage, and another in November to recognise achievement in the Enrichment Stage.

Parents of our current students who submitted solutions to the 2018 Enrichment problems are invited to the November Presentation Function: 

Date: Tuesday 27 November
Time: 5:00 – 7:00
Location: Social Sciences Lecture Theatre (see maps below)

The certificates gained by the students reflect the quality of their work during each of the two parts of the program for the year.  The Challenge certificates are at four levels:
1.  High Distinction (for those students who achieve in the top 10%),
2.  Distinction (for the next 15%),
3.  Credit (for the next 25%), and
4.  Participation, for the remaining 50%.

The same distribution applies to the Enrichment stages, except for Noether. For the Noether Enrichment program the distribution of awards is:
1.  High Distinction (for students in the top 15%),
2.  Distinction (for the next 15%),
3.  Credit (for the next 30%), and
4.  Participation, for the remaining 40%.

All students who complete the year-long program and receive certificates are deserving of recognition and congratulations.