Supporting school to home links in Early Childhood Mathematics


Presenter: Erica Zis

Date – Monday 5 October 2020
Location – 12 Cobbler Place Mirrabooka
Time –10am-11.15am



Target Audience – Early Childhood teachers (K-1), Education Assistants, Early Childhood teaching/university
students and parents of children aged 3-6

How to build links between home and school to support maths understanding and fluency. Explore a range
of simple games and the use of guided activities based on picture books to support families to develop and
practice maths skills. The aim is to broaden families knowledge of the relevance of maths in everyday life
and build positive attitudes about their ability to support their little ones growing knowledge.

Erica is an early childhood teacher and numeracy curriculum leader who is a permanent staff member at Heathridge
Primary School. Currently a Year 1 teacher, Erica has been a teacher for ten years and is passionate about building
capacity of students and teachers to understand and enjoy maths in its many forms. She has led initiatives at her
school in developing vocabulary, problem solving and hands-on mathematics activities.