How does dialogue lead to challenge in the PP – Year 7 classroom?


Presented by: Leonie Anstey

This webinar will explore skills and techniques for enhancing dialogue in your classroom/context. It is our professional skill, as educators to facilitate learners to engage in dialogue which allows us to engage in feedback, guidance and to raise challenge with our students. This session will explore a range of tools that develop mathematical reasoning in your classroom or context.


Leonie Anstey is an educational consultant in instructional leadership and mathematics and numeracy education. Leonie was formerly a principal in Victoria and she has also worked as a ‘Teacher and Principal Coach’. Leonie’s teaching background includes secondary (mathematics and physics) and primary mathematics. She has supported system and school-based projects focused on building teachers’ knowledge and practices for mathematics teaching in primary, secondary and early childhood settings. Leonie also consults and supports principals and system leaders to implement instructional leadership strategies that build school capacities for effective mathematics teaching and learning.