Differentiation Through Open-Ended Tasks


Presented by: Michael Minas

One of the greatest challenges confronting teachers is how to best cater for the wide range of abilities in mathematics.  In this webinar, we explore how learning can be enhanced while also increasing student engagement, simply by changing the type of questions that teachers pose.   We will investigate the benefits of using open-ended tasks by taking participants through examples that have been successfully implemented in classrooms.  We also outline some simple design principles that will allow you to create your own open-ended tasks across all of the strands of mathematics and for all year levels.


Michael Minas has worked in education for 20 years and is the director of Love Maths Consulting (www.lovemaths.me).  He is the current editor of “Prime Number” and his areas of interest include problem solving and student engagement.  Michael presents at conferences around Australia and provides consultancy services to the Mathematical Association of Victoria and PD Online.  In 2018, his ability to shape learning well beyond his classroom was recognised when he won a CHOOSE MATHS Teaching Excellence Award. 










As someone who’s strength is not in numeracy, Michael made me feel extremely comfortable and safe. He shared and taught me practical teaching strategies, content knowledge and lesson structures that I now incorporate into my daily program. I can wholeheartedly say I thoroughly enjoyed working alongside Michael.