Yr 12 Mathematics Practical Applications – Tennis Balls


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Mathematics Essential

Practical Application

Tennis Balls

Year 12 Unit 3


Brief Description:

This statistical application allows students to demonstrate their understanding, problem solving ability and reasoning in the context of packaging and pricing. Students will need to use a mathematical thinking process throughout this assessment.


Syllabus Dot Points:

3.1.2    calculate areas of parallelograms, trapeziums, circles and semi-circles

3.1.4    determine the surface area of familiar solids, including cubes, rectangular and triangular prisms

3.1.6    recognise relations between volume and capacity, recognising that

1cm³ = 1mL and 1m³ = 1 kL

3.1.7    calculate the volume and capacity of cylinders, pyramids and spheres

3.2.11  interpret diagrams of three-dimensional shapes


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