Yr 12 Mathematics Practical Applications – Babysitting


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Year 12 Unit 3


Brief Description:

This practical application allows students to demonstrate their understanding, problem solving and reasoning in the context of determining the best options for providing babysitting within a given budget. All options are given in different linear relationship representations. Students will need to use the mathematical thinking process throughout this assessment*.


Syllabus Dot Points:

3.3.2    generate table of values for linear functions drawn from practical contexts

3.3.3    graph linear functions drawn from practical contexts with pencil and paper and with graphing software

3.3.4    interpret and use graphs in practical situations, including travel graphs, time series and conversion graphs

3.3.5    draw graphs from given data to represent practical situations

3.3.9    use the rate of change and the initial value to determine the linear relationship in practical situations

3.3.10  interpret the point of intersection and other important features of given graphs of two linear functions drawn from practical context; for example, the ‘break even’ point


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