Yr 11 Mathematics Practical Applications – Let’s Get Moving


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Mathematics Essential

Practical Application

Let’s get moving

Year 11 Unit 1



Brief Description:

This practical application allows students to demonstrate their understanding, problem solving and reasoning in the context of identifying the most appropriate exercise and diet plan for different individuals. Students will need to use the mathematical thinking process throughout this assessment.*


Syllabus Dot Points:

1.1.12  use a calculator appropriately and efficiently in multi-step calculations

1.2.1    identify common use of formulas to describe practical relationships between quantities

1.2.2    substitute values for the variables in a mathematical formula in given form to calculate the value of the subject of the formula

1.3.16 use units of energy used in foods, including kilojoules and calories

1.3.17  use units of energy to describe the amount of energy expended during activity

1.3.18  covert from one unit of energy to another, such as calories/kilojoules