Yr 11 Mathematics Essential Statistical Investigation – Muesli vs Cereal



Mathematics Essential

Statistical Investigation

Year 11 Unit 2


The following statement was made by a leading health expert: ‘If you need more fibre in your diet, it is better to choose to eat muesli rather than cereal.’ Investigate.


Brief Description:

Investigate this statement and produce a report, based on the statistical investigation process, which critically evaluates the leading health expert’s claim that it is better to choose muesli than cereal if you want more fibre in your diet. Data concerning muesli and cereal is located in Appendix A.


Syllabus Dot Points:

2.1.4    display numerical data as frequency distributions, dot plots, stem and leaf plots and histograms

2.1.5    recognise and identify outliers

2.1.6    compare the suitability of different methods of data presentation in real world contexts

2.1.7    identify the mode and calculate other measures of central tendency, the arithmetic mean and the median, using technology when appropriate

2.1.10  calculate and interpret quartiles

2.1.11  use informal ways of describing spread, such as: spread out/dispersed, tightly packed, clusters, gaps, more/less dense regions, outliers

2.1.12  interpret statistical measures of spread, such as: the range, interquartile range and standard deviation

2.1.14  compare back to back stem and leaf plots for different data sets

2.1.16  construct and interpret boxplots using a five number summary

2.1.17  compare the characteristics of the shape of histograms using symmetry, skewness and bimodality