WAMPSP Enrolment


Enrolment in this program is by invitation only. All enrolments will be checked. Any student enrolled without a letter from the WAMPSP directors will be un-enrolled and no more than 80% of the fees will be refunded. Do not enrol without a letter from the WAMPSP directors.


Registration is complete and places guaranteed upon completion of this process, including payment of fees. Letters will be sent to all successful enrolees with details about lessons and other relevant information.


All outstanding fees must be paid no later than December 2. Students are not enrolled until all fees are paid.

Primary – $520
Junior – $540
Euler – $690
Gauss – $690
Noether – $690


Student Details *

Students’ own emails required here, preferably their school email. These addresses will be used to provide access to student wikispaces. Primary students and those in Junior or Euler classes who are in year 6 or below may use their parent email addresses if they do not have their own. All high school students must use their own email address.

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I hereby grant permission for The Mathematical Association of Western Australia (MAWA) Inc. to publish photographs of my child. I understand that the images may be edited, published and distributed by the Association (or its agents) via print, electronic and/or other media. I understand that the name of my child will not be published, but that the name of my child’s school might be used in association with the content. I understand that I am not entitled to any remuneration or other payment in respect to the use of the material by MAWA.


The Mathematics Problem Solving Program has been in operation since 1992 when it was initiated by Dr Norm Hoffman. It was originally held for over 20 years at Edith Cowan University.  In 2013 the program was rebadged as The Western Australian Mathematics Problem Solving Program (WAMPSP) and now operates at Perth Modern School in Subiaco.  In 2016 ownership of the program was passed to The Mathematical Association of Western Australia (MAWA).

The program provides mathematics problem-solving classes for mathematically highly gifted students aged 10 to 15, though exceptionally highly gifted students of a younger age can apply.  Each year more than 220 students are enrolled in the program.  The program is year-long and operates during term-time after school.  It is linked to the Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians; a national program of the Australian Mathematics Trust.



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