Mathematics Unit 1B Student

Mathematics Unit 1B Student

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About This Book

Sufficient material has been included in this text to provide students with the opportunity to develop their understanding of every item of content in the 1B Unit of the Curriculum Council’s Mathematics WACE course 2008. There are likely to be concepts, however, of which students have already developed a sound understanding. As such, it is expected that teachers will modify the requirement on students to complete every lesson as appropriate to their learning needs. This is particularly necessary as, for many students, there is more than 55 hours of work contained in this text.

Every “Lesson” is not intended to be an hour in length. Instead, they contain sufficient material to develop understanding of the key components of a topic. As such, some lessons will take several sessions of class time to complete, but others are able to be completed in a much shorter time frame.

The Teachers’ Guide contains supplementary materials such as a sample program, sample assessment items, solutions to the questions contained herein and blank proformas of tables and activities to help students to complete some of the tasks in this student book.