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MAWA and IETPL share a common objective – to improve the quality of mathematics education across WA.


The Mathematical Association of Western Australia (MAWA) is a not-for-profit organisation whose goal is to improve mathematics education across the state. Originating as a teacher professional association in 1958, MAWA has grown into a vibrant organisation that provides support for anyone with an interest in mathematics including teachers, parents and students.

MAWA supports teachers, students and schools by conducting a wide range of student and teacher activities; and by providing access to an extensive professional library of printed/online materials and journals on mathematics teaching, learning and assessment.

Tom Love is MAWA’s office-based mathematician, who works in partnership with AMT developing Problemo.edu.au and moderating the Maths for Young Australian’s enrichment program. Tom also coordinates the large number of activities MAWA offers for students across the state, including the fast growing Have Sum Fun competition, and WAMPSP – a valuable pathway to the Olympiad program.


Independent Education & Training Pty Ltd (IETPL) is the WA owned and operated publisher of “Numero”, a world class mental maths game. Numero will complement any other maths program in a fun and beneficial way.

Numero is a mental maths resource suitable for all years of primary and secondary education. It can significantly aid development of fluency, problem solving and reasoning. Numero is ideal for introducing and reinforcing both simple and complex maths concepts within a game situation. Playing Numero can give a practical application of abstract notions of mixed numerals and indices, making lessons more relevant.  The differentiation offered by Numero is second-to-none.

IETPL’s Julie Richards, runs professional learning for staff, as well as student or parent workshops to instruct, develop and promote the use of Numero in all areas of maths education.


We are excited to share with you how Maths = Endless Possibilities
at the 2022 OSHClub WAPPA Conference, 31 August – 2 September.