Day of STEM

The Day of STEM

The Day of STEM is a national program, funded by the LifeJourney™ platform to raise the National IQ for STEM and Cyber Science. The program introduces and inspires all secondary and tertiary education students to pursue STEM careers and build the skills that will open up their future and connect them to the in-demand digital workforce



Women in STEM program Now Available

Program 3 – Women in STEM: Explore the careers of Australia’s leading Women in STEM! Register Herewomen-in-stem
Introductory Video

Description: The program invites students to explore six dynamic female mentors and their individual career journeys with major companies in Australia. Students build a STEM Resume, explore mentor journeys and participate in an interactive.

Usage: The program is available free of charge for all students, parents, teachers and schools in Australia and is recommended for students in Year 7 – University. Part 1 of the program takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.

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