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 Registration is closed for this event

2023 MTQ Judges Registration

  • Team Event
  • August 18, 2023, 12AM  - August 25, 2023, 3PM
  • Free Event
    • WA Australia
  • Judge registration will open March 2023. Register your interest in being a Judge for Maths Talent Quest (MTQ). Each MTQ entry received needs to be judged a minimum of two times. It is compulsory for each school to judge eight entries. Where schools have more than five entries additional entries must be judged. A further eight entries must be judged for every five or part there of extra entries. E.g. 12 entries from a school would require the school to judge a minimum of 24 projects. By every school providing a teacher to judge a minimum of eight projects (approximately two hours), we can ensure that each entry is judged efficiently and fairly. Judging is a great professional development idea for all involved.