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Alan Sadler
Alan started his teaching career in Bristol, UK and quickly became a Head of Department in a large inner city comprehensive school. He then relocated to Perth and taught at Rossmoyne Senior High School for many years. He is the author of over 50 Mathematics texts.
Amanda Nicholas
As a Maths, Science and Digital Technologies teacher for 16 years, Amanda is the quintessential STEM teacher with a passion for hands on, engaging learning, using the whole body. Amanda uses the YuMi Deadly approach to learning and is passionate about sharing this method with teachers and students.
Amie Albrecht
Amie Albrecht is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at the University of South Australia. Her teaching expertise lies in developing mathematical thinking and problem-solving skills in students, and in innovative design of curricula and assessment that supports growth. She hopes to inspire the pre-service teachers she works with to incorporate these authentic mathematical practices in their own classrooms.
Anastasia Popkova & David Blair
Ms Anastasia Popkova is currently pursuing her PhD in physics and education at the University of Western Australia. Her research interests are related to the development and implementation of a mathematical curriculum for Einstein Physics. She has a scientific background in physics and mathematics.
Andrew Price & Joanna Spillman
Andrew is a Mathematics Teacher at Joseph Banks Secondary College. He received a Master's Degree in Education from UWA with a focus on measuring the differences in working memory of teenage students.
Angela Janssens
Angela Janssens is the specialist maths teacher in the Junior School at All Saints' College, working with students from Year 3 through to Year 6. Angela brings experience and current pedagogical thinking for Gifted and Talented students into her lessons involving a 'mastery' approach to learning maths.
Anita Ponsaing
Dr Anita Ponsaing is a mathematician at The University of Adelaide and coordinator of MathsCraft. Her research background is in mathematical physics.
Anna McGann
Anna is a passionate mathematician. She works as a Learning Specialist at Maths Pathway, helping to design pedagogical mathematics education content. She completed a PhD in Applied Mathematics in 2019. She has facilitated mathematics tutorials and presented her mathematical research at national and international conferences.
Barry Kissane
Barry is a retired mathematics teacher educator who remains actively engaged in his profession, with extensive interests and experience regarding technology in mathematics education, especially calculators, both in Australia and abroad. He is an Honorary Life Member of both MAWA and AAMT, and a former President of each organisation.
Benjamin Saulsman
Benjamin has been in education for over 15 years, having worked in a variety of sectors both in Australia and internationally. During this time Benjamin has also worked in the private sector, working with students who are below the expected level in their understanding of mathematics, developing strategies to accelerate learners and foster a deep understanding of content based on research, evidence and experience. His current role is in the Curriculum Team at Catholic Education of Western Australia, supporting teachers and schools in designing and implementing the delivery of numeracy and mathematics within the classroom.
Blake Segler
Blake has been a conference presenter for the last two years, with repeated positive feedback, in addition to having led a national virtual Professional Learning Community of Mathematics Teachers through the Teach For Australia organisation, and delivering regular Professional Learning to empower teachers in supporting and engaging all students.
Brett Stephenson
Brett is Head of Mathematics at Guilford Young College in Hobart and the current President of the Mathematical Association of Tasmania. He has been presenting at state and national conferences for many years and has found the topic of finite and infinite sequences to be a classic 'iceberg' area for exploration.
Brian Lannen
Brian has taught Maths and Science in schools, University and TAFE, was curriculum consultant in NSW and New York and contributed to text-book writing projects. He helped establish T-Cubed (Teachers Teaching with Technology) in Australia and is now Senior Mentor to that association and Host of TI Australia's webinar program.
Catherine Attard
Catherine is a Professor of Mathematics Education at Western Sydney University. She regularly presents keynotes, workshops and professional learning sessions for teachers and is the author of the well-known Engaging Maths blog (engagingmaths.com) and other teacher resource books. Her research focus is student and teacher engagement, technology use in mathematics classrooms, and middle leading.
Charlie Watson
Charlie currently writes exams for WA Exam Papers and provides PD to students and teachers through The Tuition Centre.
Chris Hurst
Chris Hurst is a Curtin University Adjunct Research Fellow. His current involvement in mathematics education continues his eight years of work on multiplicative thinking and, more recently, children's computational choices. With his colleague, Derek Hurrell, Chris is currently compiling assessment resources and teaching tasks based on their multiplicative thinking research.
Chris Hurst & Derek Hurrell
Chris Hurst is a Curtin University Adjunct Research Fellow. His current involvement in mathematics education continues his eight years of work on multiplicative thinking and, more recently, children's computational choices. With his colleague, Derek Hurrell, Chris is currently compiling assessment resources and teaching tasks based on their multiplicative thinking research.
Cian O' Gradaigh & Colette Miranda
Cian has been teaching mathematics in Ireland and Australia for more than 25 years. He has published a revision guide for students in Ireland. Cian has taught the full range of the Australian Curriculum in mathematics from year 7-12.
Claire Stone
Claire Stone is a Mathematics teacher at Penrhos College, with a particular interest in Gifted Education.
Craig Talbot & Mark Brookes
Craig is Year 3 Teacher at Roleystone Community College. I have been working as a primary teacher for the last 12 years. I have always been a keen Maths teacher and am always looking to improve the way I teach Maths and engage my students. In the last year, as part of my Senior Teacher role at my school, I undertook some study with Catherine Attard (Graduate Certificate in Primary Mathematics) at Western Sydney University. Learning about rich tasks and investigations has transformed the way I teach, and so I am working to spread the word to my colleagues and the wider community.
Derek Hurrell & Lorraine Day
Derek's passion is in engaging students in the subject of mathematics and supporting the excellent work that teachers are doing in schools. To these ends he is involved in the delivery of professional learning in schools and is a regular invited presenter at both state and national conferences.
Dion Alfonsi
Dion Alfonsi is a Secondary Mathematics Teacher at Shenton College. He has taught primarily in Years 9 - 12 and has been active in Gifted and Talented Education and Curriculum leadership. In the past, Dion has presented on reSolve, investigations, Year 11 Methods content and Gifted and Talented Mathematics education.
Donna Buckley
Donna Buckley is on the Board of MAWA, and is the MTQ coordinator in WA. Internationally she has been a mathematical and cyber security education advisor for the Microsoft Educational Framework P - 12 as well as the Covid 19 Demystified course. A full time teacher she has embedded technologies in her mathematics classroom. In 2021 she successfully introduced a VET Cybersecurity course for Upper School students in her school, leading to her becoming a finalist in the 2020 Australian Women in Security Awards
Donna Buckley, Ann Backhaus, Diya Soni, Iris Ge

Donna Buckley is on the Board of MAWA, and is the MTQ coordinator in WA. Internationally she has been a mathematical and cyber security education advisor for the Microsoft Educational Framework P - 12 as well as the Covid 19 Demystified course. A full time teacher she has embedded technologies in her mathematics classroom. In 2021 she successfully introduced a VET Cybersecurity course for Upper School students in her school, leading to her becoming a finalist in the 2020 Australian Women in Security Awards

Fiona Foley
Fiona Foley, MANSW Education Consultant
Gregory Hine

Dr Gregory Hine's teaching career spans 22 years. Since 2012, he has taught pre-service secondary mathematics teachers at the University of Notre Dame Australia (Fremantle). Greg also conducts research into preparing pre-service secondary mathematics teachers. His scholarly publications are available to view at https://nd-au.academia.edu/GregoryHine

Ian Hailes
Ian Francis Hailes B.Sc. (Maths) and a Grad Cert of Edu (Computer-based Instructional Design) has: written T&L modules for the WA STEM consortium; is a member of the WA selection panel for the NMSS; assisted with research into NAPLAN. His students represented Australia in the IM2C, coming a meritorious second. Scotland's Teacher of the Year, wrote "Ian has a problem-solving investigation that looks unlike anything I've seen".
Jack Bana
Jack Bana has been a member of the MAWA Committee every year since 1978. In most of that time he has coordinated the MAWA student activities. He is a past president of MAWA and an honorary life member. He has presented at State, national and international conferences; as well as being the co-author of many mathematics textbooks.
James Tanton
Dr. James Tanton earned his PhD in mathematics from Princeton University. He is an author, a consultant, and ambassador for the Mathematical Association of America in Washington D.C. and a founder of the Global Math Project, an initiative to transform the entire world’s perception of what mathematics can, and should, be. This program has now reached over 6 million students and teachers across the planet. James has taught mathematics both at university and high-school institutions. He advises on curriculum, consults with teachers, and gives demonstration classes, lectures, and professional development sessions across the globe. James is also a recipient of a Joint Policy Board for Mathematics communication award for 2020. James is Australian, and currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona.
Jessica Keenan

3rd year teacher who puts her heart into teaching and supporting kids transitioning to high school. Committed to teaching students in low ses areas and building their abilities and self concept. Strong believer in "They don't care how much you know until they know how much you care".

Jo Joyce
Jo Joyce has been a Primary Mathematics Specialist (Year 1-6) for the last decade. She is passionate about exploring the beauty in mathematics with students, through engaging mathematical thinking opportunities. Jo currently teaches mathematics in a small metropolitan school, mentors colleagues and champions mathematics across her school community.
Jody Crothers

HOLA – Mathematics at Ridge View Secondary College, Jody is enjoying developing a whole school culture from the ground up. His current projects involve the TI-Rover and Tik Tok videos. He loves having fun and making Maths fun. He believes as professionals we need to share and support each other.

John Lawton & Richard Korbosky
John Lawton is an author, and publisher. His business, Objective Learning Materials, produce the Mathomat template. John is also a PhD student at Deakin University where his research interest is in the concept of angle and how that informs teaching practice.
John West
MAWA President
Julie Richards
Julie is the Director of IETPL, the WA owned and operated publisher of Numero. As the creator’s daughter, she has been involved with Numero since its inception. Julie also runs the annual Interschool Numero Challenges (primary and secondary). She has a Bachelor of Education (BEd) and was previously a Special Needs Education Assistant.
Katrina Mooney
Katrina Mooney is a 25-year veteran teacher and a maths specialist. Having spent her career in international schools across the globe, she has first-hand experience teaching and leading a variety of school curriculums. Katrina enjoys sharing her expertise and experiences, and inspiring others to become critical thinkers and creative, confident teachers.
Kelly Rademan
I am a classroom teacher of 17 years, and have fulfilled many various teacher support roles in the area of Numeracy. In addition to currently teaching in a classroom, I have been selected as a Curriculum Support Teacher to introduce the new SCSA Curriculum Support Materials to staff, schools and networks. Part of my role includes trialing the lesson sequences and providing professional learning to fellow colleagues.
Kiera Bradley & Tyril Houghton
My name is Kiera Bradley and I am fourth year University student studying at Edith Cowan University. I have recently completed my fourth and final practicum which I was asked to plan for eight weeks of teaching mathematics and the concept of fractions and introduce my class the concept of Cartesian Planes.
Kristen Tripet
Kristen Tripet is Program Manager of reSolve: Maths by Inquiry, the flagship mathematics education program at the Australian Academy of Science. Kristen has had a lifelong interest in mathematics and enjoys sharing her interest in mathematics with others.
Kylie Offer
Kylie Offer is the HOLA of Mathematics at Mount Barker Community College. She has considerable experience teaching 7-12 Mathematics in SA, NT and WA. Ensuring Mathematics is accessible for all students is a passion as well as promoting critical thinking in all students.
Leah Mackay
Leah began her teaching career in primary, made the move to high school and is now the Head of Mathematics at Bunbury Catholic College. She prioritises teacher autonomy and student connection. Her passion to see students succeed and flexibility in creating student-centred curricula make her a role-model in Mathematics Education.
Lorraine Day
Lorraine is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Notre Dame Australia where she works primarily with Primary pre-service teachers in mathematics education. Her research interests are in mathematical reasoning, especially in the area of algebraic reasoning. She is a Life Member and former President of the Mathematical Association of Western Australia.
Lyn Coote
My experiences in various education roles across Asia-Pacific have all provided opportunities to ignite 4- to 15-year-old learners' mathematics passion and potential. In my current role with Corwin Australia, a core part of my work is translating the Visible Learning research into the Australian context of mathematics teaching and learning and working with teachers to implement for impact!
Megan West
I am excited by the prospect of making mathematics a little more accessible to all students. I love seeing the "AHA" moments and when students gain confidence in their ability to give problems a try. I still enjoy learning how all aspects of maths link together and sharing this with my students and colleagues.
Melda Lim & Luke Nuske

I have been a Teacher of Mathematics for 16 year teaching years 7 to 12. With my experience and enthusiasm, I enjoy developing strategies to help students gain an understanding, confidence and love of Mathematics.

Michael Loh
Michael is a Mathematics teacher at Shenton College who believes that scientific innovation has the power to change the world and a teacher's mission is to encourage the younger generation to take up the challenge of pursuing a career in Mathematics.
Michael Nelson
Presenter at 2019 AAMT and 2018 MAV conferences
Nathan Tibbits & Oliver Oeij
Nathan is the Head of Mathematics and the Gifted and Talented Coordinator at SCBC. He has a passion about Mathematics, educational research and identifying and developing mathematical talent in students. Oliver Oeij is a Humanities and Mathematics teacher who leads staff in pedagogical innovation at South Coast Baptist College.
Norm Hoffman
Dr Norm Hoffman has been a teacher of mathematics for almost 70 years. He founded and developed the WA Mathematics Problem Solving Program 30 years ago. For most of the time since then he was the director and main teacher in the program.
Paul Bowyer
Paul Bowyer is a Sydney-based Maths teacher. He likes teaching Mathematics by connecting it to the real world. He is also the creator of the popular Mathematicalendar, a calendar written in the Language of the Universe.
Paul Brown
Dr Paul Brown works with preservice primary and secondary mathematics teachers. He is interested in reasoning and mathematical proof and currently teaches a Year 5 WAMPSP group.
Paul Burgess
Paul Burgess is a level 3 classroom teacher with 16 years experience in public and private schools in WA and at secondary schools in England. He is dedicated to promoting engagement in mathematics for all students and is currently HOLA Mathematics at Bob Hawke College.
Paul Hooper

Paul Hooper is the founder and managing director of Efofex Software. Efofex has produced mathematics teacher productivity tools for over thirty years.

Paula McMahon
Paula has worked in high schools for more than twenty years. Since 2019 she has worked as the MAWA Executive Officer. Paula has a passion to ensure students demonstrate understanding rather than learning 'maths tricks or rules'.
Peter Flynn
Peter's mathematics education interests involve implementing CAS technology into mathematics teaching, learning and assessment. He has presented many workshops to both Australian and international audiences.
Peter Fox
Peter taught high school mathematics and physics for more than 25 years and now works with Texas Instruments providing training for teachers, producing educational content and supporting product development. He has presented workshops around Australia, New Zealand, USA, China, Singapore and Europe.
Rachael Whitney-Smith
Rachel Atallah & Elena Zema
CASIO offers a bespoke range of education calculators, specifically adapted to meet the standards for the Australian curriculum. With a vast array of resources to help in the classroom, it is easy to see why CASIO is Australia's Number 1 education calculator.
Rachel Theunissen & Lorraine Cave
Rachel Theunissen is a Secondary Mathematics Teacher, working for 27 year across WA with a focus on Problem Solving and experience in online learning. Lorraine Cave has experience teaching in regional schools, currently teaching at Bridgetown High School and is keen to share her experience.
Reeta Sidhu
Reeta Sidhu is Assistant Director of the Schools Education Strategy unit, with 20 years' experience in the Australian Taxation Office. The unit is responsible for the development of the ATO's schools education program.
Richmond Foo
Richmond has been a mathematics teacher for 10 years and has now spent 3 years in Education Technology. Stepping out of the classroom, but still being in the teaching space, has enabled him to explore and study best teaching practices.
Robert Rook
Robert is the author of the program, ex maths teacher, conducted inservices in over 3500 secondary schools and universities and conducted approximately 400 sessions at maths conferences worldwide.
Samantha Alcock
I have been teaching for 5 years, starting at St James' as a new graduate. I stepped into the role of Junior School Mathematics coordinator. I have worked alongside teachers to improve our whole school approach to produce quality maths lessons and improve student success.
Sarah Briggs
Sarah has mainly worked as a primary school teacher since 2002, but is currently a PhD student and tutor of pre-service teachers at ECU. Her PhD research involves looking for practical solutions to meet the educational goals of increased mathematics achievement, numeracy across the curriculum and STEM education.
Sharon Schubert
Sharon is an experineced mathematics teacher who is currently the Numeracy Enhancement Specialist at Iona Presentation College. She is passionate about providing learning opportunites for students of all abilities to find beauty in maths. As a member of Curriculum Advisory Council Teaching Mathematics Year 7 - 10. a School Based Curriculum Leader for CEWA and reSolve Champion WA she is keen to keep abreast of contemporray paedagogy in the mats area and has a Masters in STEM from Curtin University.
Sheila Griffin
Sheila has a Primary School background working in the state school sector where she had a range of Numeracy. Sheila has a passion for improving the teaching of mathematics by supporting schools and teachers through targeted professional learning and practical differentiated classroom ideas.
Sophie Matta
A highly experienced and passionate Primary Maths publisher, Sophie has worked at Pearson Australia for the past 11 years. She is dedicated to enhancing maths education and has developed enVisionMATHS, Concept Check-in and now Mathology F-2. Previously she was Publisher with the IB (UK) and Managing Editor (schools) at OUP.
Tim Riessen
Tom Love
Tom is an experienced maths teacher who works as a Mathematician for the Australian Maths Trust, developing content for Problemo and moderating enrichment materials for the Maths for Young Australians program.
Tony Robb
I have been teaching maths since 1980 (or there abouts). I am currently teaching in Busselton and have worked in several schools and systems statewide.
Tyril Houghton
Currently a University Supervisor of Pre-Service Teachers, I retired (2020) as Head of Mathematics at Bunbury SHS. Set up their GATE Mathematics program and elevated Year 9 NAPLAN results. Developed confidence in students through specific activities to engage, remediate deficits, build confidence, and empower students to become great problem solvers.
Warren Beckwith
I am a part time teacher at Helena College, in Glen Forrest. I also run the business, "You do the Maths", which produces a variety of curriculum material and games.
Wendy Pero
MAWA Conference Committee
Will Tomlinson
Will teaches Maths and Psychology, and has taught at secondary schools in the UK, Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland. He has been Maths PLC Coordinator at Busselton Senior High School since 2019.