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Aaron Wilkinson

Bunbury Senior High School

I am currently a Year 7, 8, 9 and 11 Essential Mathematics teacher at Bunbury Senior High School. Having taught a variety of learning areas, Mathematics is my passion. My main focus is engagement and using new technologies to promote student learning. I am a visual teacher who applies practical activities wherever I see fit.

Amanda Nicholas

Gnowangerup District High School

As a Maths, Science and Digital Technologies teacher for 16 years, Amanda is the quintessential STEM teacher with a passion for hands on, engaging learning, using the whole body. Amanda uses the Learning Through Doing (derived from the YuMi Deadly project) approach to learning and is passionate about sharing this method with teachers and students.

Amie Albrecht

University of South Australia

A/Prof Amie Albrecht is an applied mathematician at the University of South Australia, with a keen interest in developing problem-solving and mathematical thinking skills in pre-service teachers.

Anna Cohen

Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA)

Blake Segler

Joseph Banks Secondary College

Blake is a current Mathematics Teacher, Head of Science, and coordinator of SCIscope, engaging local young learners in STEAM beyond the classroom. He has taught mathematics at a wide range of year levels and student abilities. Feedback showed participants “got a lot from [Blake’s] presentation” last year, with the majority recommending him as a presenter.

Camilla Marriott

St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls

My name is Camilla Marriott and I am an Early Childhood teacher with a passion for play based learning. My teaching philosophy and practice is strongly influenced by the Educational Project of Reggio Emilia. I combine this with aspects of the Walker Learning Approach to create hands on play based activities in my Kindergarten classroom. 

Charlie Watson

WA Exam Papers

Charlie spent 25 years teaching mathematics, physics and statistics in UK and Australian high-schools. More recently he has developed several math-related businesses in the areas of tutoring, professional development, and examination services. He has been a regular presenter at MAV and MAWA annual conferences over the past decades.

Cian O’Gradaigh

St Norbert College

Cian has been teaching mathematics in Ireland and Australia for over 25 years. He has published a revision guide for students in Ireland. Cian has taught mathematics in Australia from year 7-12.

Colette Miranda

St Norbert College

Colette has been a mathematics and physics teacher for 30 years both overseas and in Australia. She has taught courses for secondary school overseas dealing with Mathematical coursework and Investigations. She is currently the Head of Mathematics at St Norbert College.

David Dunstan

Association of Independent Schools of Western Australia (AISWA)

David is a numeracy consultant for AISWA. David worked for many years in secondary schools and has regularly worked with Dr Paul Swan to provide support for teachers . They have written many books and resources together.

Derek Hurrell

The University of Notre Dame Australia

My passion is in engaging students in the learning of mathematics, and supporting the excellent work that teachers are doing in schools. To these ends I am involved in the delivery of professional learning in schools and working in classrooms. Prior to joining Notre Dame University, I enjoyed many years working in schools in a number of roles.

Dianne Siemon

RMIT University

Di Siemon is an Emeritus Professor at RMIT University.  She is known for her research on learning progressions and her professional development work on the “big ideas” in Number and the use of rich assessment tasks to inform teaching. Di is a life member of the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers and the Mathematical Association of Victoria.

Dion Alfonsi

Shenton College

Dion Alfonsi is a Secondary Mathematics Teacher at Shenton College. In his three years of teaching, Dion has taught primarily in Years 9 – 12 and has been active in Gifted and Talented Education, also as an Academic Programs Coordinator. In the past, Dion has delivered professional learning on the reSolve project, as well as mathematical investigations.

Donna Buckley 

John Curtin College of the Arts 

Donna Buckley is a level three mathematics teacher with DOE and a member of the MAWA Board – Student Activities.  On top of her 20 years’ experience as a mathematics specialist she also teaches cybersecurity, cryptography and the integration of Python programming in the mathematics classroom.

Donna Miller

Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA)

Dr Gregory Hine

The University of Notre Dame Australia

Dr Gregory Hine’s teaching career spans 21 years. Since 2012, he has taught pre-service secondary mathematics teachers at the University of Notre Dame Australia (Fremantle). Greg also conducts research into preparing pre-service secondary mathematics teachers. His publications are available to view at https://nd-au.academia.edu/GregoryHine

Dr Jack Bana

The Mathematical Association of Western Australia

Jack Bana has been a member of the MAWA Committee every year since 1978. In most of that time he has coordinated the MAWA student activities. He is a past president of MAWA and an honorary life member. He has presented at State, national and international conferences; as well as being the co-author of many mathematics textbooks.

Dr John West

Teacher Resources (WA)

John has worked as a teacher and lecturer in mathematics education in WA for more than 20 years. He is currently serving as MAWA President and Editor of Australian Primary Mathematics Classroom. In 2017 he wrote his first book and hasn’t stopped writing since. In order to avoid confusion with the Tuna guy, he uses the website drjohnwest.com.au 

Dr Norm Hoffman

WA Mathematics Problem Solving Program (WAMPSP)

Teacher of mathematics for more than 65 years.  Former Superintendent of Mathematics in The Education Dept of WA.   Foundation member, Life member and former President of MAWA.  Founder of WAMPSP.  Teacher of the Noether program of AMT for more then 25 years.

Dr Paul Brown

Curtin University

Dr Paul Brown works with primary and secondary preservice teachers at Curtin University. He has served as a high school mathematics teacher for thirty years. His doctorate focused on assessment of mathematical ability. He is known for a book on mathematical proof and for other student resources.

Ellita De Nardi

Elite Education

Ellita is a former primary teacher and maths lecturer. She is the author of Networking Tables  and Avanti Mental Maths. She works as an independent maths consultant providing professional learning workshops to primary schools. She is constantly exploring strategies to help students and teachers develop understanding, confidence and love of mathematics.

Erica Zis

Heathridge Primary School

Early Childhood teacher and Numeracy curriculum leader. Teacher for ten years and passionate about building capacity of students and teachers to understand and enjoy maths in its many forms. Have led initiatives at my school in developing vocabulary, problem solving and hands-on Mathematics activities.

Fiona Leatt-Hayter

Hale Junior School

Fiona Leatt-Hayter (M.Ed, B.Ec, Grad. Dip. (Primary), Grad. Cert. (Maths teaching) is a Mathematics Teacher who has worked in this role for over ten years at Hale Junior School. With a depth of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm, she helps students develop a lifelong mathematical knowledge and love of mathematics.

Ian Francis Hailes

Mathematics Teaching Consultant

Ian Francis Hailes has: written T&L modules for the WA STEM consortium; is a member of the WA selection panel for the NMSS; assisted with research into NAPLAN. His students represented Australia in the IM2C, coming a meritorious second. Scotland’s Teacher of the Year, wrote “Ian has a problem-solving investigation that looks unlike anything I’ve seen”. An experienced secondary mathematics teacher, Ian has conducted Syllabus Audits; has delivered PL for MAWA; is a regular presenter at MAWA and AAMT. 

James Russo

Monash University

James Russo is a researcher and pre-service teacher educator based out of Monash University, Victoria. His research interests include: teacher and student emotional responses in the primary mathematics classroom; the role of challenging tasks, games, and children’s literature as pedagogical approaches to support positive student learning experiences in primary mathematics; better understanding the relationship between classroom practice and academic research the learning and teaching of mental computation and estimation; James writes regularly for a range of teacher practitioner journals and continues to spend some of his week team-teaching in a primary classroom. He uses this as a space to develop and test teaching ideas, and to stimulate thinking about his research. James is currently working on an Australian Research Council project looking at developing sequences of learning experiences built around challenging tasks.

Jennifer Bowden

The Mathematical Association of Victoria (MAV)

Jen and Ellen are education consultants at the Mathematical Association of Victoria, their main role is to build teacher confidence and capacity. They enjoy working with teachers and schools in a variety of modes including coaching, planning and guiding whole school improvement. Seeing students and teachers connect with mathematics is their passion.

Joan Burfitt


After many years teaching Mathematics to students of varying ages, I had the opportunity to reflect on student behaviour in the classroom and then to conduct research into student understanding of proportional reasoning. My desire to improve student achievement in Mathematics has strengthened as a result.

Jody Crothers

Ridge View Secondary College

A HOLA for over 16 years, last year  Jody became the Foundation Mathematics HOLA at Ridge View Secondary College. With a passion for teaching Mathematics and a love of technology he seeks to find new ways of engaging students and Making Maths fun.

John Donaghy

Mazenod College

I taught Maths in Scotland for several years before moving to WA in 2003. I have now spent several years teaching at Mazenod College in Lesmurdie in all years from 7 to 12, and have developed a keen interest in continually developing and improving my teaching in an effort to try and meet the needs of my students as much as possible.

John West

The Mathematical Association of Western Australia (MAWA)

Dr John West has worked as a teacher and mathematics education in WA for more than 20 years. He is currently serving as MAWA President and Editor of Australian Primary Mathematics Classroom. He has been employed by AAMT to revise the content, look and feel of all 194 Maths 300 lessons.  

Julie Richards

Independent Education & Training Pty Ltd (IETPL)

Julie is a working teacher, but as the daughter of Numero’s creator, she has been involved with Numero® from the start, being responsible for all things Numero. This includes publishing, distribution, promotion and teaching of the game, along with the Interschool Numero® Challenges, at both primary and secondary level.

Karina Welch

Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA)

Kate Petchell

Dowerin District High School

I am an experienced teacher, specialising in Primary Maths support, as well as teaching a Year 7 and 8 Maths class. I mentor teachers of Kindy to Year 10 Maths and deliver Maths PL across the state.  I have had success in motivating and engaging students to love Maths, resulting in being awarded the AMSI Choose Maths Teacher Excellence Award in 2019.

Kelly Rademan

Karnup Numeracy Network

Our group of presenters come from diffrent primary schools in the Baldivis/Karnup region. We have met through the our creation of the Karnup Numeracy Network which aimed to share professional learning amongst neighbouring colleagues. Our common goal is to exchange quality mathematical teaching and learning strategies. 

Leith Pavlinovich

School Curriculum and Standards Authority

Leith is a Principal Consultants for Mathematics K – 12 at SCSA.

Lorraine Day

The University of Notre Dame Australia

Lorraine is a former Editor of APMC, a Life Member and former President of MAWA.In 2018 a recipient of the Beth Southwell Practical Implications Award and an Australian Award for University Teaching Citation. Lorraine’s passions are engaging students in mathematics and supporting the important work of teachers through practice and research.

Louisa Kennard

St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls

Louisa and Jonelle are passionate primary practitioners who believe that stories, collaboration, manipulative materials and  wonder are the foundation of all mathematical inquiries. Working across upper primary and early learning classrooms their love of “why” and engaging even the most reluctant mathematicians is their biggest joy.

Lyndon Rice

Lake Joondalup Baptist College

Lyndon Rice cannot help but bring Mathematical thinking to everyday scenarios. He has taught Mathematics for twenty years, including providing extension opportunities to top Mathematics students. It brings him great joy to light a fire in students to fall in love with the Mathematics around them in an engaging way.

Megan West

Christ Church Grammar School

I am currently the Head of Department at Christ Church Grammar School. I have been teaching for just over 23 years and have been fortunate to be able to teach in WA, England, Scotland and America. I love to travel and look forward to be able to do so again.

Michael Rutkay

Curtin College (part of Navitas)

Michael is an Teacher, with secondary and tertiary experience. He initially trained as an engineer then as a mathematics teacher which he found more rewarding. He has taken long term maths relief roles, and currently teaches Technical and Essential Mathematics at Curtin College (covering content from year 11 and 12 Methods and Applications).

Paul Hooper

Efofex Software

Managing Director of Efofex

Paul Swan

A-Z Type

Dr Paul Swan is an independent Maths consultant. An Honorary Life Member of MAWA, Paul is a Past President of MAWA. Paul has worked at primary secondary and tertiary levels. He has written many books, produced many games and spoken at many conferences. His aim is to make it easier to teach mathematics by providing support to teachers. Paul regularly works with David Dunstan to provide support for teachers and they have written many books and resources together.

Paula McMahon

The Mathematical Association of Western Australia (MAWA)

Paula has worked in high schools for more than twenty years. Since 2019 she has worked as the MAWA Executive Officer. Paula has a passion to ensure students demonstrate understanding rather than learning ‘maths tricks or rules’.

Penny Crossland

Fremantle Christian College

An established primary educator, Penny is currently Deputy Principal at Fremantle Christian College. She has also worked as a Sessional Academic for Curtin University and is an established speaker. She was the Primary Keynote speaker at MAWA in 2019, and a state winner of the National Excellence in Teaching Awards in 2017. 

Peter Mee

Mercedes College

Peter is the Head of Mathematics at Mercedes College. He has worked as a secondary mathematics teacher for 20 years and is rather fond of numbers.

Peter Merrotsy

The University of Western Australia

Peter is a professor in the Graduate School of Education at The University of Western Australia. To support the learning and teaching of mathematics, he explores historical and cultural aspects of its development.

Rachael Whitney-Smith

Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA)

Rachael is the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics specialist at ACARA and is currently is currently leading the work on refining the AC: M as well as undertaking her PhD at Notre Dame University in Mathematics Education. Rachael has worked on National and International projects focussed on improving the mathematical outcomes of Australian students.

Rachel Theunissen

Lesmurdie Senior HIgh School

Rachel Theunissen has been a teacher of Mathematics and Philosophy and Ethics in Western Australia since the early 1990’s. Her work has seen her teaching students all over Western Australia, as well as students studying the WA curriculum but living in Europe and the US. Teaching problem solving is her focus and bringing the maths of life into her classroom.

Richard Korbosky

Dualoh Pty LTD

Richard has had a long involvement in numeracy education at the primary, tertiary , governmental policy levels in WA  and has presented at conferences locally, nationally and internationally. Richard has held a number of past positions with the Mathematics Association of Western Australia (MAWA) including President, Vice President and Treasurer

Richmond Foo


Richmond is a mathematics teacher, Mathspace School Liaison and all round nerd

Sana Malahat


Sana Malahat has graduated Bachelor of Engineering from India. She moved to Melbourne, where she had completed Doctor of Philosophy (Mechanical Engineering) from Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia. She is high school mathematics and science teacher and she enjoys making mathematics interesting to high school students.

Sharon Schubert

Iona Presentation College

Numeracy Enhancement Specialist at Iona Presentation College, Member of Curriculum Advisory Council Teaching Mathematics Year 7 – 10. School Based Curriculum Leader CEWA, reSolve Champion WA, International and national work experience as a Mathematics Teacher, Masters in STEM from Curin University and Bachelor of Education Curtin.

Sheila Griffin

Association of Independent Schools of Western Australia (AISWA)

Sheila is the AISWA Numeracy Consultant who has a passion for making mathematics magnificent. She was awarded Outstanding Primary Maths Teacher of the Year from the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI). Sheila believes in improving the teaching of mathematics by supporting schools and teachers through targeted professional learning.

Shyam Drury

Scitech Discovery Centre

Shyam is a professional learning consultant for Scitech. He mainly works with Primary School teachers developing powerful lessons that transform students’ thinking and attitude toward mathematics. 

Stephen Phillip

Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA)

Suzie Harman

School Curriculum and Standards Authority

Suzie is a Principal Consultants for Mathematics K – 12 at SCSA.

Tierney Kennedy

Kennedy Press

Tierney is the vice president of QAMT and works as an independent mathematics consultant, helping to improve student results on a large scale. Tierney is the author of over 50 books for teachers, including the acclaimed Back-to-Front Maths and Interventions in Mathematics series. Her 2019 WA projects showed gains of 4.5 years on PAT M by year 7-8 students.

Trudy Milne


I am a 4th year early childhood education, pre service teacher.  My specialisation is creativity in early childhood, through the arts and STEM.  I have presented at an early years teachers network meeting in the South West and I enjoy sharing mathematical resources, books, provocations and ‘hands on’ ideas for early years learning environments.  

Tyril Houghton

Edith Cowan University

Tyril Houghton has been to the Moon and back, representing Australia at the NASA Inspired International Space Camp. As Head of Mathematics at Bunbury SHS, she has established the Mathematics Gifted and Talented program, increased female enrolment in Mathematics Specialist and Methods as well as elevating Year 9 NAPLAN results. Now an ECU Supervisor.

Veronica Smith

The YACC Project

Veronica Smith is an experienced innovation and entrepreneurship educator. She is the founder of The YACC Project, a business that  provides opportunities for young people to engage with a learning environment that specialises in exciting, project-based learning methodologies. Veronica presented at the 2019 MAWA Conference and looks forward to returning. 

Warren Beckwith

Helena College

Warren is a Mathematics teacher at Helena College. He also runs his own business, “You do the Maths” which creates resources and games for the classroom. One of these games is “Take Sum Risks”.

Wendy Pero

Catholic Education Western Australia

Wendy is the Secondary Mathematics Consultant for Catholic Education Western Australia where she provides support to schools and delivers professional learning. She works with teachers to build capacity, increase knowledge of curriculum content and pedagogy. Wendy is a MAWA Board member and the convenor of the annual MAWA Conference.