MAWA Membership is available to anyone with an interest in Mathematics or Mathematics Education. There has been several changes in membership categories for 2013 – below are the definitions for each type of membership profile.

Please note that as key communications are sent via email, a valid email address is essential for all membership types, student teacher applications require a personal email address.

Membership material is sent to a nominated person. This person is then responsible for informing teachers about upcoming events and activities.

Membership Categories


A – Institutional 1

A school with a maximum of 300 students enrolled

B – Institutional 2

A school with between 301 – 600 students enrolled

C – institutional 3

A school with a minimum of 601 students enrolled

D – Individual

Any person interested in mathematics or mathematics education

E – Individual – Student

Any person pre-service primary or secondary mathermatics teacher.

F – Business

Any business interested in mathematics or mathematics education.

G – Reciprocal

This membership is for any person who is a current member of another AAMT affiliated association.


To register online, please click one of the options below, or download a membership form

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